Company Profile

Since 2005, 1 Call ASAP has grown its national data-base by individually interviewing and accrediting literally hundreds of home improvement contractors. and home improvement businesses.

Our accreditation process is the most stringent for a contractor’s network, data-base or association anywhere in South Africa.

To ensure premium service standards are continually maintained, the 1 Call operation centre performs a unique service, by following up with YOU the client from quotation punctuality to job completion.

When utilizing a 1 Call accredited contractor, you are benefiting from “safety in numbers,” as a 1 Call contractor not completing your job to satisfaction, has much more to lose than any independent.

If a 1 Call service provider under-performs, and fails to make good, they will almost certainly (depending on severity of problem) be permanently removed from the accredited data-base, resulting in blacklisting and a substantial loss of revenue to them.

Insurance cover (contractors all risk policy) is provided by 1 Call for all contracts R200,000 or under. For larger projects there are top up options.
All other directories and media publications completely distance themselves from any type of service delivery reports; their interest only lies in advertising revenue, not client satisfaction.

1 Call Customers may request up to three quotes from independent local contractors, for any project they are preparing to undertake.

You deal directly with the contractors; we don’t get involved with your quotations, pricing or payment, unless you request that we do.

By utilizing 1 Call’s contractor selection, you are actually assisting us in sanitizing an industry that is heavily infected with deceit.
Thank you in anticipation for you support…