Complaint Procedure

Apart from 1 Call ASAP’s exceptionally stringent accreditation process, the 1 Call contractors are kept on their toes by the operation centre staff, who constantly monitor their performance.

This minimises the amount of complaints that cannot be remedied telephonically.

In the instance where a complaint has escalated to management level, there are procedures as per our terms and conditions (signed by every contractor) that we adhere to:


Management contacts the contractor concerned and offers them the opportunity to either:

a) rectify the situation immediately or

b) supply the customer with a realistic plan of action for correcting the problem/s

Stage 2

The customer complains again:

a) the contractor has defaulted from the plan of action as agreed at stage 1 or

b) the customer complains about something else and/or

c) the relationship has irreparably broken down between both parties.

Assessors visit

An assessor is elected to site visit at the customers soonest convenience, an assessment and subsequent written report will be compiled and the findings will be final.

In more than eighty five percent of cases in the last four years the contractor has been at fault, and has paid the assessors call out fee. However there are times where a client is deemed to be unreasonable, and the call out fee has been for their account.

The findings of the report may instruct the original contractor  as to what is expected from 1 Call to rectify the client’s situation.

It may instruct the contractor to leave the site and introduce a replacement.

Each and every complaint is assessed on its own merits and the findings made available to both parties.

1 Call boasts a non resolved complaint rate of just over half a percent – outstanding statistics by anyone’s standards.

So please remember to stay in financial control of your project all the way