What does the accreditation process include?

The accreditation process is the strictest of all contractor associations and data-bases in South Africa. It includes:

  • ITC credit checks (personal and/or company)
  • Five consumer references and two trade references
  • Qualification verification, where legally required
  • Various category association memberships
  • And of course our unique ongoing evaluation with every  customer, ensuring the desired results are delivered

How can it be a free service?

The contractors pay a very small percentage of the job value to 1 Call. These funds are considerably less than usual advertising costs. If you recruit a contractor from a newspaper advert or a directory, they will have paid premium rates to be featured there. 1 Call is the only lead generator nationwide that only charges for work secured. To you the customer this means employing a contractor with less overheads, therefore there is no reason why 1 Call contractors should not be competitive.

Are the contractors local?

All 1 Call contractors have been selected for their convenient location to the enquirer: we have more than 500 contracting companies covering all aspects of home improvements throughout the Cape Peninsula. Staying local not only means competitive prices, but also helps the contractor keep good control of his business.

How many independent quotes should I ask for?

We can provide you with up to three independent contractors to quote for your requirements, more if you are undertaking a very large project. But on the other hand, we only recommend one or two at the most for the smaller handyman, plumbing and electrical jobs as they all operate within a similar price range.

I have a much cheaper quote, should I accept it?

Yes, if the contractor is willing to complete all the work prior to payment. Usually, cheap quotes are submitted by contactors that are already in financial difficulty. Accepting and employing a contractor that has under-quoted ALWAYS ends in tears and not his!

What guarantee does 1 Call provide?

Our guarantee to you, is that our integrity and reputation are paramount. If one of our contractors mess up at your site and refuse to correct the problem, we will a) send a representative out to evaluate the site and b) permanently remove the perpetrator from our data-base.

Why should a contractor care if he is removed from your data-base?

At any given time 1 Call has between 1,500 and 2,000 contracts being quoted, pending decisions or work in progress. This amount of work is like ‘a contractors dream come true’. They simply cannot afford to get your job wrong. And as more and more customers learn about the 1 Call service and the enquiry rate continues to spiral, it actually puts the power in the hands of the consumer.