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What to tell your Customers

Please explain to your client that the home improvement industry is riddled with crooks and fraudsters.

By using a 1 Call contractor they will simply get what they pay for.

Remember: if you buy cheap you buy twice.

All contractors are:

  • Credit and bank checked to make sure they are financially afloat.
  • Trade and consumer referenced for their recent history
  • Covered by 1 Call’s ‘contractors all risk policy’.
  • Experienced specialists in their chosen fields
  • Used by insurance companies – all service and price conscious.

The clients also benefit from:

  • Requesting several independent quotes for larger projects.
  • Dealing direct with the contractor for quotes, price negotiations and payment.
  • Safety in numbers as the contractor will lose lots of work if he does not satisfy our mutual client.
  • Follow up calls from our operation centre to ensure all is going well.
  • The option to utalise our 100% guaranteed services for larger projects – we will tell them about it when we call them back.