Access and Surveillance Installation

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Access control:

Securing your properties with access control, to ensure that only the approved or vetted get through is important, but there are many brands and solutions, so which device or system should you choose?

1 Calls accredited access control contractors specialise in providing excellence in Home and Residential Access Control and can assist you to make the right choice.

As independents, they can offer you advice to ensure that you choose the right access control system that will meet all of your requirements.

They supply, install and maintain access control applications from small single point intercom systems, to large residential apartment building door entry systems.

He are some of the most popular systems:

  • Audio Entry – an audio intercom entrance system that can call one handset or telephone to multiple handsets or telephones depending on the scale of the intercom application
  • Coded Entry – can be installed alone or with an audio entry system, this method of access control uses a keypad that permits entry via a PIN code.
  • Video Entry – as per the audio entry system above with the addition of a video link to a camera in the call point to allow you to view the visitor.
  • Swipe Card Entry – an access control system that runs automatically granting access to persons swiping an authorised card through a reader.
  • Proximity Entry – an access control system that runs automatically granting access to persons presenting a proximity card or key fob within a short distance of a reader.


CCTV installation is available to residential as well as business customers. Our accredited installers offer a wide range of surveillance solutions and technologies including the latest technologies.

The CCTV security surveillance systems available provide instant alerts ensuring that crime against people and theft are substantially reduced. At the same time, if trouble occurs, CCTV systems can provide valuable evidence against the perpetrators.

These systems can also be effectively used internally or externally protecting people property or vehicles.