Asphalt and tar

Get it!

Asphalt / tar otherwise known as tarmac may not be considered the most attractive finish to a property, but it has its uses, and can be an affordable solution to suffering the winter mud-slide or quagmire.

This application has been used commercially for decades, not without reason. Its durable, its climate-proof and its cost effective.

There is not a huge demand in South Africa for domestic asphalt application, therefore most of the domestic or residential applicators actually spend most of their time on larger contracts.

Asphalt is also often the only choice when confronted with huge areas, however, bordered with an attractive cobblestone can also enhance the finish.

Be sure that a good quality substrate is in place or introduced, asphalt is only as durable as the sub base material it is laid on.

For more information regarding sub bases or crusher runs, contact 0861 READYMIX (021 732 3649) and  they will advise and deliver.

And… remember in Europe asphalt / tar is by far the most commonly utilized tarmac driveway material; and that cannot be a negative reference.