Building, alterations, additions, extensions, renovations or new build

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Looking for reliability?

Ironically, qualifications are required for architectural plans, plumbing and electrical work. Fair enough the tasks performed require skill and safety, but their contract values are usually considerably smaller than the expense of employing building contractors.

Where does this leave the client when it comes to selecting a reliable contractor for their extensions, alterations, additions or new build?

It is amazing how many home building contracts are awarded based on personality alone. The second most common being a professional and comprehensive quotation layout.

Although both are valid factors, there are far more pressing questions with regard to trusting a builder with your construction project, that is set to cost tens, or hundreds of thousands of Rands.

What is the financial status of the builder?
How did their last few jobs turn out?
How are the payments structured to minimise your exposure?

These factors are all covered when you utalise 1 Call’s Building construction contractors.

If you intend to employ the building services of a contractor that has not been accredited by 1 Call, please, go the extra mile and check them out thoroughly, also check with us that they are not historically problematic. We recommend you request at least three quotes.