Conservatories and sunrooms

Get it!

There is nothing more therapeutic than the feeling of sunshine cascading into your home.

The healthy ambience of natural light provided by a glass room instantly adds value to your property, and can transform a disused corner into the most popular and sought after sunshine spot in the house.
There are several conservatory building methods, ranging from brick or wood to aluminium structures with bay windows, concertina doors and much more.

The one thing in common is plenty of glass and light.

When selecting a contractor to erect a / or convert into a / conservatory or sunroom, please bear in mind it is a very specialised craft, involving waterproofing and technical specifications for safety glass and much more.

From upvc conservatories to basic glass roof structures, it is not the forum to be employing a ‘jack of all trades’ builder; that ‘thinks’ he has a clue!