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Electrical appliance repairs

Most electrical or white appliance repairs are performed at your premises, obviously dependant on the make and model of your unit and part availlabillity. When requesting a repair, be sure to supply the full description of the item in question, to save the contractor time and costs, lo ... read more »

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Electrical contractors

1 Call will only accept an electrician onto the network, that has a current and valid electrical compliance certificate. Our accredited electrical contractors are very efficient, their business is usually in and out quite quickly, therefore often completing several contracts in any giv ... read more »

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Fencing and perimeter security

There are a host of solutions for fences and relevant surface mounted security fencing options, the 1 Call accredited installation contractors can offer advice on many of the latest security devices. From straight forward farm style pole and wire fences to simplistic residential palisade o ... read more »

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Fireplace and braai installation

A picture paints a thousand word and this one speaks warmth. Ok, so South Africa's wonderful summers seem to stretch out forever, but when they are gone and the chills of winter set in... There’s nothing more rewarding than sitting in front of your fireplace watching the naked flames ... read more »

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Floor install wooden and laminate

Genuine wooden flooring is a very romantic thought, but these days the real thing seems to be reserved for the upper echelons. If it is in your price bracket or budget, congratulations, after installing real wood flooring you will never look back. Absolutely nothing compares to a genuine w ... read more »

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Floor sanding

Wooden floors are a true asset to a home, they offer warmth in winter, cool in summer and there’s no doubt, a genuine wooden floor puts a slight spring under your step. Every upside has a down side, and unfortunately wooden floors need overhauling (wood floor sanding) every now and again ... read more »

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Garage door install and automate

Adding value – security – pure convenience, whatever your stimulation,  automated garage doors are an absolute pleasure. If you have one that requires mending – garage door repairs , you will be missing it badly. For those who are enquiring to install new, just wait and see – w ... read more »

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Geyser install and repair

It just seems the responsible thing to do to promote a picture of a solar geyser installation. Although their market share is not yet very significant, it is growing on a daily basis. If you are in the market place to replace yours, you should do the right thing and investigate the ‘green o ... read more »

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Guttering and fascias

Gutters and fascias are like swimming pools??? They look great when they are clean and tidy, but when they are not looking on top form, they de-value the home. Although they are very prominent features on the outside of most homes, they rarely get the time and attention they deserve. T ... read more »

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Handyman and home maintenance contractors

Handyman and home maintenance contractors are good ‘all rounders’ for that small to medium odd job that you could probably do yourself, if schedules were not so hectic. The best way to employ handyman services is to; a) make sure they come with good references    (1 Call accredit ... read more »

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