Floor install wooden and laminate

Get it!

Genuine wooden flooring is a very romantic thought, but these days the real thing seems to be reserved for the upper echelons. If it is in your price bracket or budget, congratulations, after installing real wood flooring you will never look back.

Absolutely nothing compares to a genuine wood floor.

However, for the rest of us there are some stunning laminate flooring replica’s which these days can duplicate the real thing almost undetected. From cherry to bamboo and everything in between, you will have no difficulty in selecting a laminated flooring theme to suit your environment.

Regardless of the real thing or spot on imitations 1 Call service providers are selected for their individual expertise, and upon your request, we will be sending the right contractor for your requirements.

Whichever your pleasure, wood floors or laminate floors, don’t cut corners with a fly by night installer, you will regret it every time you look at the finer details.

Laminated floor comes with profiles that are designed to cater for every nook and cranny, so the installation contractors can really go to town with attention to detail.