Floor sanding

Get it!

Wooden floors are a true asset to a home, they offer warmth in winter, cool in summer and there’s no doubt, a genuine wooden floor puts a slight spring under your step.

Every upside has a down side, and unfortunately wooden floors need overhauling (wood floor sanding) every now and again. There is no set rule, it all depends on the amount of traffic your home or premises handles, and how damaged the floor has become.

It is all a matter of taste as well, some folk enjoy the rustic look of a floor that has received decades of heavy traffic.

Others enjoy, the beauty of the grain and the enhancement of the natural colours which become features once more when your floor has been restored and sealed.

When your floor sander has stripped down to bare wood, it’s not time to cut corners and compromise the quality of the sealant to be applied.

Please take the advice of the professionals, they will not reccomend second grade sealant products.