Geyser install and repair

Get it!

It just seems the responsible thing to do to promote a picture of a solar geyser installation. Although their market share is not yet very significant, it is growing on a daily basis. If you are in the market place to replace yours, you should do the right thing and investigate the ‘green option’.

1 Call’s geyser / boiler repair and installation contractors will assist with all the up to date information – you choose.

For those of us who are restricted by body corporates and aesthetic housing or security estate regulations, it will be easier to stick to the old fashioned attic mounted boilers.

When installing a new hot water cylinder or solar water heating system be sure to ask about service maintenance and part availability, as these days there are far to many makes and models of everything including water boiler options. Imports may seem cheap until the smallest thing goes wrong, then they become disposable and your credit card takes another bending because you fell into the ‘no-name’ trap.

1 Call’s water heater installation and repair specialists will only recommend tried, trusted and reliable geysers and water heaters be sure – stick with 1 Call.