Guttering and fascias

Get it!

Gutters and fascias are like swimming pools??? They look great when they are clean and tidy, but when they are not looking on top form, they de-value the home.

Although they are very prominent features on the outside of most homes, they rarely get the time and attention they deserve.

The purpose of a gutter is to control the flow of the catchment water from the roof, and dispose of it in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

When gutters go bad, they can cause irreparable damage to painted surfaces, brickwork, plaster and much more.

A neglected gutter can evolve into a costly exercise.

From replacing short sections of plastic gutters, to fixing leaks and replacing your entire house with seamless aluminium or box gutters, 1 Call will send the right contractor for the job.

Top tip – keep them clean and they will last forever. Let them build up with grunge and they will cost you money.

Fascias also need attention, as they are the framework of your home. The most stunning oil painting will only look ordinary in a neglected frame.