Handyman and home maintenance contractors

Get it!

Handyman and home maintenance contractors are good ‘all rounders’ for that small to medium odd job that you could probably do yourself, if schedules were not so hectic.

The best way to employ handyman services is to;

a) make sure they come with good references    (1 Call accredited).
b) Make a comprehensive list of all the small jobs that have been bugging you.
c) As they often work on an hourly rate, ensure they specify time per task.

We have picked up problems, where a client utilises accredited handymen, and are so impressed with their overall performance and result, that they award much larger building projects that are out of that particular contractors scope.

Remember, 1 Call has selectively interviewed and accredited contractors for their individual skill scope and ability, please check with the call centre before you award much larger jobs to our handy man, as they may not have the required experience.

Handyman jobs are hard to define, as there are no real guidelines, so please be as specific as possible with your request to the call centre.