Landscaping contractors

Get it!

When designing or planning a landscaping project, first of all you must know what you are doing, otherwise employ the services of someone who does.

Take a few thousand rand, toddle off to the local garden centre, and lets see what you come back with. More is the point, where are you going to plant it, does it form part of your theme, colour height and shape, and will it live where you placed it.

These are just a few of the questions that a DIY landscaper has to contend with.

The secret to garden designs, is not gifted by reading a couple of articles on indigenous Aloes, it comes with years of knowledge and a natural green fingered passion.

Our independent landscape architects will excite you with their ideas and deliver the full package that is custom designed for your environment.

We hadn’t even touched on the subject of hard landscaping garden design, which involves the incorporation of rocks, boulders, garden bridges, water features, ponds, gazebos, pathways paving and much more.

Check out their landscape design portfolios they are very impressive.