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Painting falls into two categories, we can provide you with a professional painting company, that will take their time with precise preparation, utalisise specific undercoats and specialist materials to fill cracks and woodwork. Or we can provide you with a handyman, that can paint and r ... read more »

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Paving contractor

There's paving contractors and there's professional paving contractors - do not confuse the two. Every small bakkie builder can lay slabs or is a brick paving expert. Be ware! Paving is one of those perfect cons for a chancer or fly by night operator, as the problems associated with po ... read more »

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Perimeter wall spikes and security

There are a host of solutions for fences, and relevant surface mounted security fencing options. Fence spikes and razor wire are amongst the most common, with electric fence options and pool fencing fast gaining in Western Cape popularity. From electrical fences to bird spikes, the 1 Ca ... read more »

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Pest control

Problems with pests?  Supermarket or garden centre products not making the grade. This is often the case with infestations from the common ant to cockroaches, rats to park town prawns, fleas to spiders - none of them are welcome visitors. Often the canned killing sprays actually spread ... read more »

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Plastering, dry walling partitions and ceiling board installations

Although open plan seems to be the flavor of the decade, it is amazing what can be achieved with dry walling partition installation. Creating arches or bulkheads and much more for office or residential enviroments. All you need is a bit of creativity and a good contractor to fulfill yo ... read more »

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Plumbing contractors

1 Call will only accept South African 'registered' plumbers on the accredited network. Our accredited plumbers are very efficient and therefore, very busy. Their pricing structures are very similar, we therefore suggest that you not request multiple quotes for the smaller leaks and drippi ... read more »

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Pool contractors

If there is one thing about swimming pools, they are an absolute asset to any property - if they are nicely maintained. If you require swimming pool repairs, installation, restoration, pool pump replacement or service, you have come to the right place. There are so many swimming pool in ... read more »

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