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Painting falls into two categories, we can provide you with a professional painting company, that will take their time with precise preparation, utalisise specific undercoats and specialist materials to fill cracks and woodwork.

Or we can provide you with a handyman, that can paint and refresh your interior or exterior work.

The difference in price is fairly significant. The advice goes as follows, if you require a cheaper job, i.e. you are moving or sprucing to rent, you can refresh and paint over. This includes interior decorating, request handyman quotes.

If you are painting for aesthetics or planning to exterior paint and desire a long term result with a guarantee, request the services of a 1 Call accredited painting companies.

Painting and decorating adds value to your home, and is top of the list for prospective house sales, ask any estate agent. If you are painting to sell, select a paint that has a neutral theme, and will not take four coats to cover.