Paving contractor

Get it!

There’s paving contractors and there’s professional paving contractors – do not confuse the two.

Every small bakkie builder can lay slabs or is a brick paving expert. Be ware!

Paving is one of those perfect cons for a chancer or fly by night operator, as the problems associated with poor workmanship do not become apparent immediately.

Only after an amount of traffic, or the first real down poor, will you realise you’ve been had.  As the driveway or pathway sags and subsides, leaving puddles and ankle traps where you were looking for level ground.

Paving is a bit like painting – the longevity of the result lies in the effort put into the preparation.

A good paver will Introduce a good solid sub base, compact the ground with the correct equipment grout the gaps (if not interlocking pavers) with the right mortar mix etc.
                                                                                                                                                      The result will be one that gives years of service.

1 Call’s independent landscaping paving contractors will get the job right the first time.