Pool contractors

Get it!

If there is one thing about swimming pools, they are an absolute asset to any property – if they are nicely maintained.

If you require swimming pool repairs, installation, restoration, pool pump replacement or service, you have come to the right place.

There are so many swimming pool installation contractors about, it can be very confusing separating the good from the bad.

This is where 1 Call’s accreditation process has already worked in your favour.

We know our independent pool construction and installation contractors deliver results, because we monitor every job.

If ever there’s a time to be sure about who you trust, now is it.

Swimming pools do not come with a small price tag and as such you must be 100% sure you get what you asked for.

For smaller jobs such as pool pumps for service or repairs, you can ask for one or two companies to quote.

For larger restoration projects or new installations (Gunite or fiberglass pools) please request three quotes.