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Roofing and roof tile contractors

If you are requiring waterproofing repairs to your roof, please specify when submitting your enquiry. If you are looking to replace, clean or paint your roof tiles, we can provide you with the right roofing contractors for the job. If you are constructing a new roof, or an extension to an ... read more »

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Rubble removal

Rubble removal is not a very exiting prospect, but it does signify the end of the mess, or at least a tidier working environment. Most accidents on worksites are created because of poor and dangerous working conditions, or lack of site clearance. If you are undertaking any form of build ... read more »

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Security system installation

Unfortunately these days, peace of mind is obtained by installing a burglar alarm or home security system. As technology advances, yesterdays prices become more affordable, and things like cctv installation, wireless alarms and cell phone monitored alarm systems are within reach and becomi ... read more »

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Shower door installation

Installing a shower door is not as easy as one would think, the amount of requests 1 Call receives for shower door installation… well it warrants having its own page! When deciding on bathroom designs, there must always bee a feature or two involved, usually the corner bath, or the free ... read more »

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Spa and Jacuzzi bath installation

If you are on this page and about to make an enquiry, the rest of us are ‘green’ and we’re not talking environmentally friendly! The decadent luxury of being massaged by water as you in relax in your bathtub is the envy of every home owner. Spa’s jacuzzi's or whirlpool baths as ... read more »

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Stainless steel

Stainless Steel is a form of carbon steel with added chromium which is what makes it ‘stainless’ or corrosion free. If you take the life span of stainless steel into consideration, when costing your project, and compare it with the lifespan of other metals, you will find  the stai ... read more »

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Thatching and gazebos

There is nothing quite as rustic as a thatched roof, the ultimate in aesthetics. Whether you are thatching the roof of your main dwelling, or erecting and incorporating thatch into a gazebo / entertainment area, the end result always looks great. These days, you can even get thatch ... read more »

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Tiling wall and floor

Tiling is an unforgiving task, with all the lines to follow, very few sins can be hidden or distracted from. This is why it essential to employ the services of an experienced tiler that can plan the job correctly, achieve a symmetrical balance by starting in the right place and deliver a ... read more »

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