Rubble removal

Get it!

Rubble removal is not a very exiting prospect, but it does signify the end of the mess, or at least a tidier working environment.

Most accidents on worksites are created because of poor and dangerous working conditions, or lack of site clearance.

If you are undertaking any form of building or alteration, keep your site clean and tidy of all demolition mater, if a contractor is working for you, insist he does the same.

An hour or two, to take a trip to the nearest dumping or landfill site is time well managed.

Building rubble is measured in Cubes (cubic meters) one cube is approximately waist height the same length and width.

You can fit a cube on a normal bakkie, other options are three six or ten cube trucks.

Another alternative is to hire a skip which can be kept on site throughout your project.

You can get more advise when the contractors call you in reply to your enquiry.

We recommend you request only one or two quotes, as their pricing structures are very similar, and their schedules very busy.