Security system installation

Get it!

Unfortunately these days, peace of mind is obtained by installing a burglar alarm or home security system.

As technology advances, yesterdays prices become more affordable, and things like cctv installation, wireless alarms and cell phone monitored alarm systems are within reach and becoming more popular on a daily basis.

Most alarms have many features, one of the most commonly used is the ability to set various zones in or around your house. This enables you to perhaps roam freely around inside, whilst your alarm systems outside sensors, are busy at work protecting you. Or when to go to bed, you may leave a toilet friendly zone disabled, but the rest of the house alarm is on alert.

Reports of break-ins (without an active security alarm) whilst people are asleep in bed are on the increase, confronting or disturbing the intruders is NOT recommended.

Most cases are not reported in the press, however, you can subscribe to various home watch news letters, which update you with (frightenly frequent) local incidents.

Rather be safe than sorry prevention is priority.

Our accredited security alarm contractors can also;

  • locate spares and repair existing home security systems
  • Offer a complete security analysis of your property
  • Recommend a home alarm system specific for your environment.