Stainless steel

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Stainless Steel is a form of carbon steel with added chromium which is what makes it ‘stainless’ or corrosion free.

If you take the life span of stainless steel into consideration, when costing your project, and compare it with the lifespan of other metals, you will find  the stainless option actually is financially attractive.

It can be kept clean with a simple soapy sponge and water combo – low maintenance.

Fabrication methods are the same as any other metal work, however a more skilled and precise welding is involved with stainless.

The strength offered by the materials mechanical properties reduces the volume of metal required in comparison to its counterparts.

It is recognised as one of the most clinical and hygienic surfaces for medical use or food preparation, this is attributed to its incredibly fault free surface, no cracks or blemishes to harbor dirt or germs.

On top of all these pluses, it is a bright and cheerful product that offers a classy finish to any construction project and is as versatile as the designers imagination.

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