Tiling wall and floor

Get it!

Tiling is an unforgiving task, with all the lines to follow, very few sins can be hidden or distracted from.

This is why it essential to employ the services of an experienced tiler that can plan the job correctly, achieve a symmetrical balance by starting in the right place and deliver a result that is pleasing to the eye.

The benefits of tiling from a maintenance point of view are fantastic, if you have a busy household with pets or children you will never look back. It is almost impossible to stain a tile.

There are many options available when selecting your tile, if you are uncertain, please ask our accredited contractors for advice. Ceramic tiles are the most popular, and usually very straight forward to install.

Things can get a little more complicated and expensive when selecting travertine, granite, marble or porcelain. Not only are the tiles more expensive, there is a lot more skill involved in the installation.

Tile cements also vary dependant upon your selection, adhesives that speed the drying (walk upon) time up, are also available to limit inconvenience. 

The general advise is – please be sure to get an experienced contractor for your project.