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Water features

There are various forms of water features, from the natural style as represented here, to a cascading array of barrels, plant pots, milk churns or basically any suitable rural implements that offer conversion possibilities. One thing is for sure, whether created from raw material or bo ... read more »

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Waterproofing paint, roof membranes, torch on bitchamin, concrete penetrating, waterproofing wood, window frames! Confused? You should be, that’s why we have waterproof experts onboard the 1 Call network. From a leaking roof to damp proofing solutions - we can assist. It takes years o ... read more »

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Wooden decks

Sitting out on a timber deck, sipping a glass of Cape red, watching one of our magnificent sun sets, what a romantic thought. Turn it into reality by requesting a couple of 1 Call's accredited decking service providers to come and give you some design ideas. A wooden deck is an ... read more »

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Wooden floor installation

Genuine wooden flooring is a very romantic thought, but these days the real thing seems to be reserved for the upper echelons. If it is in your price bracket or budget, congratulations, after installing real wood flooring you will never look back. Absolutely nothing compares to a genui ... read more »

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Wrought iron gates and fencing

Whether for security, children and busy roads, dogs patrolling the perimeter or preventing vagrants coming right to your door, wrought iron gates and fencing is the right solution. The biggest problem is where to find a the right contractor for the job? Of course we have the answer, ... read more »

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